PRIORITY: Immediate service option for fastest delivery time. Available anytime, day or night. After 5 PM, weekends and holidays, incurs after hours charges.


This service provides an expedient delivery for urgent packages. The package is dispatched and delivered within 1-2 hours of the time it is called in. This option is available until 3 PM on weekdays.

REGULAR SERVICE: Provides delivery within (4-5 Hours) 

SAME DAY: Packages are to be picked up by 8:00 AM and delivered by 5 PM.

This option gives the customer a delivery that is dispatched and delivered by 5 PM the same day. All orders are to be made by 12 noon. Available M-F.

NEXT DAY: Packages are delivered next business day

This option gives the customer a delivery that is dispatched for the following next business day delivered by noon, or end of day, depending on destination.

Other Charges That May Apply

NIGHTS, WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS: 50% more than the rated service.

This service is available every weekday after 5 PM. Also during weekends and holidays. Coverage is available for Nights and Weekends. 

WAIT TIME: First ten min included, thereafter $2.50 for every 5 minutes.

DRY RUN / RE-DELIVERY: 1/2 of original ticket price

WEIGHT CHARGE: first 30 lbs included, thereafter 10 cents per pound. 

MEDICAL CENTER:  additional $ 8.00 

*Times may fluctuate due to traffic, distance, or severe weather*
Cutoff times are base on normal office hours of  8:00 AM - 5 PM.
After hours deliveries are available.
Please call the office at 832-898-5995 for rates and availability.

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